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Project Description
A minimalist CMS experiment using mvc.

A simple cms for serving dynamic pages that are very simple to create and update. View the demo at

The project is fully functional, but there are tons of enhancements/fixes in the pipeline. I am running short of time these days, and I needed to get the source available for people to get their hands on.

Check back for more info, and please leave comments/issues if you see anything that needs to be fixed. Documentation to come.

To get started, install the project, and point LiveWriter to http://yourinstallpath/metaweblog.axd with the username admin and the password test, and start adding/editing pages.

The default username/password is admin/test. (This was changed on

There is a huge lack of documentation, but I will be getting to that soon. In the mean time, I will be blogging about some of the features and how to use the cms at

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